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Devalueing the dollar

Devalueing the dollar
ie printing to pay the debt
will allow the US
to pay off our debts in cheap dollars,

and also give a competitive advantage
to US global corporations
against countries who dont print as fast as the US

also, reduce relativly,
US workers wages
so we can be more competative in the world market


it will also reduce the purchasing power of the dollar
meaning a lower living standard
for you and me
and all the people in the country

US Hosehold Income

US Family Net Worth

Wealth Distribution


The future price movement of gold may be forecast.

As of today, Jan 25th 2013,
the gold price is currently falling.
So, it is good to remember
the long term future price movement of gold
may be forecast.

–The gold price correlates with the US National Debt.
National Debt vs. Gold Price 1

And the Fed plans to continue to print:

Dec 13, 2012
“The Federal Reserve officially announced QE4+2 yesterday….
The FOMC statement said it would consider raising the federal funds rate above 0%-0.25%
if the unemployment rate fell to 6.5% or the inflation rate hit 2.5%.”

and *must* continue to print.

Jan 24, 2013
“The Federal Reserve pushed its balance sheet beyond $3 trillion
for the first time this week
while undertaking open-ended purchases
of Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities

Fed Balance Sht 2

and major international Central Banks
will continue to spend

Central Bank Balance Sheets 3

–The gold price correlates with the Debt Limit.

Debt Limit vs. Gold Price 4

“The Treasury Department’s own projections
have US debt at $23 trillion by 2015
a 64 percent increase to the current debt limit.
As the Fed continues to print
the Monetary Base increases.”

–The gold price also correlates with the Monetary Base.

MZM Money Stock vs. Gold Price 5

And, the Monetary Base is increasing.

MZM Money Stock 6

Trend Channel

Gold Trend Channel LogScale 7